Where sticky layers and associative leaps meet torn textures and graphic contrast, Erica Trabold’s collages evoke feelings of nostalgia while troubling the very act of memory.

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Our current issue features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork from: Kaylie Barreda, Raye Hendrix, Kathyrn Henion, Elizabeth Vidas, Lloyd Wallace, Ava Nathaniel Winter & more.

What struck me first were the ways of exiting — via bird, via memory, via magic. Brent Ameneyro’s speakers are all knowing and all nostalgia. Producing not the sheen of romantic recall but the cleverness of reconstruction. In Ameneyro’s debut, A Face Out of Clay, there is no questioning, but lingering visitations. Portraits of loved […]

The particular landscape of Jessi Jezewska Stevens’ first collection, Ghost Pains, recalls echoes of the “New Aesthetic,” a term coined back in 2012 to describe the leakage of the digital realm into the physical world. Characters point their phones at the sky, “as if to image-search the constellations,” travel by way of reading reviews on […]