Susan Solomon’s paintings are saturated, evocative, and striking, and we’re so pleased to have her as our featured artist for 41.2. Art Editor Cade Leebron got in touch with Susan to ask her a few questions about her series, “Flight.”

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41.2 Spring 2017

In this issue: Poems by Xandria Phillips, Keith Kopka, Kathleen Ossip, Laura Kasischke, Hadara Bar-Nadav and more. Fiction by Maria McLeod, Nonfiction by Jacqueline Lyons.

In an unbroken monologue sustained for over 80 pages, Edgardo Vega, the narrator of Horacio Castellanos Moya’s Revulsion skewers every aspect of Salvadoran culture he can summon—from pupusas and football to the archetypal Salvadoran character. Moya channels Austrian writer and luminous curmudgeon Thomas Bernhard (1931-1989), whose own style eschewed both paragraph breaks and generosity of […]

  The poems in Wendy Xu’s new collection, Phrasis, are kaleidoscopic, forged of fragments.  As the title describes, these are poems of phrasis, a portmanteau of phrases and phasis—or phase. Linguistic and episodic moments of the speaker’s life are the primary building blocks in this collection, and from Xu’s combinations, the reader observes a world […]