We’re thrilled to present a compilation of artwork from Federico Federici.

Latest Online Issue
43.4 Fall 2019

Art Feature Asemic Texts Federico Federici Fiction Sentimental Cartography Laura O’Gorman Schwartz The Lovelorn Gianna Ward-Vetrano Nonfiction The Body Remembers Emily O’Neill Dear Sears Guy Choate Poetry Chibi Saddiq Dzukogi Bad Lover Billy-Ray Belcourt Dangerous Things Krysten Hill That Which We Hide J. David Lamb’s Machinery Augusta Funk abandoned image Mackenzie Kozak Balter Keith Leonard […]

Chet’la Sebree’s Mistress is a stunning debut that features a series of persona poems written in the voice of Sally Hemings. Sebree brings critical fabulation into the poetic discourse by constructing these poems using both historical record and imagined interiority. Throughout the collection, Hemings reckons with her past and sits in conversation with contemporary black […]

“Throughout history, angry women have been called harpies, bitches, witches, and whores,” Lilly Dancyger writes in the introduction of her new anthology, Burn It Down: Women Writing About Anger. Written by a diverse group of angry women, the twenty-two essays in Burn It Down confront the long history of women accused of being dramatic, hysterical, […]