In “ICELANDx207: Green Line,” artist and photographer Justin Levesque documents Iceland’s entry into the Maine waterfront and economy. Levesque speaks with assistant managing editor, Margaret Cipriano, about his nine-day self-created artist residency, the “liminal space” of the sea, and the invisible thread that connects Portland, ME to Iceland.

Latest Online Issue
40.2 Spring 2016

In this issue: fiction by Maggie Su and Kristen N. Arnett; nonfiction by Sabriel Parker and Matt Jones; a review of Annie McGreevy’s novella; and poetry by David Tomas Martinez, Taisia Kitaiskaia, Brittany Perham, and Kaveh Akbar.

Ciao, Suerte

In Annie McGreevy’s debut novella, Ciao, Suerte, Madrid of 2003 provides the backdrop for the intersections of a constellation of characters drawn together by fate, or maybe coincidence. Associate Reviews & Interviews Editor Jess Rafalko reviews this compact and well-told narrative of grief.