We’re thrilled to present a compilation of artwork from Karl Lorenzen.

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42.2 Spring 2018

Our current issue features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork from:
Karl Lorenzen, Louise Mathias, Sarah Cedeño, Alicia Mountain, Annie Kantar, Nazli S. Pearl, James A.H. White, Kit Zauhar, and many more.

Joy Grace Chen: Most of the poems in Sky Country have a clearly identified narrator, and I think it is only in section II that the speakers remain relatively nameless and faceless. Who did you imagine to be the narrator(s) in this section? I was also wondering if you could talk more about the process of […]

“Sky country,” as explained by the title poem of Christine Kitano’s second poetry collection, is the Korean word for heaven. It is a word used to describe the United States, and a word that underlies this book’s framing conceit of the immigrant experience. Kitano, the daughter of a Japanese American father and a Korean immigrant […]