Moving between reference, reduction, and reflection, Lee Welch’s paintings ask us to reconsider what is essential.

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Our current issue features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork from: Lee Welch, Abigail Carlson, Tina Zhu, Mandy Shunnarah, Jamaal May, Abbie Kiefer, Stephanie Burt & Mara Hampson, and more.

Landscapes is set in a future of environmental collapse that, while fictional, feels grimly easy to imagine. “A nature diary composed over the past decade would read like a catalogue of losses. There was a time when catastrophe seemed far away…then change became visible,” the novel’s protagonist, Penelope, tells us in the opening chapter. Penelope […]

Christine Lai grew up in Canada and lived in England for six years during graduate studies. She holds a PhD in English Literature from University College London. Landscapes was shortlisted for the inaugural Novel Prize. Christine currently lives in Vancouver. In Lai’s interview with Nikki Barnhart of The Journal, they discuss art and memory in the […]