We’re thrilled to present selection of collages from øjeRum’s Silent Figure with Landscape series for our 46.1 issue

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Our current issue features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork from: Janice N. Harrington, Neal Hammons, Alex Borden, Nicky Beer, Jacques J. Rancourt, Steven Espada Dawson, øjeRum, and many more.

“I have sweetness too, just underneath thicker rinds.” (131) In the acknowledgements for her short story collection BLISS MONTAGE, author Ling Ma cites film critic Jeanine Basinger as coining the book’s title term. Basinger’s 1993 work A Woman’s View: How Hollywood Spoke to Women, 1930-1960 details a phenomenon in film of a woman’s briefly allowed […]

In her first memoir, Ingrid Rojas Contreras performs a delicate balancing act of history, memory, and myth. The Man Who Could Move Clouds begins with an echo. On a winter day in Chicago, a biking Ingrid crashes into a car door and suffers from temporary amnesia in the aftermath. The accident is eerily similar to […]