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Back issues we currently have available are:
38.3, featuring work by Jody Azzouni, Melissa Barrett, and Anne Marie Rooney
38.1, featuring work by G.C Waldrep, Rosalie Moffett, and Peter Stenson
37.3, featuring work by Brenda Hillman, Bruce Bond, and Joan Marcus
37.1, featuring work by Bob Hicok, Carl Phillips, and Leslie Parry
36.3, featuring work by Ian Stansel, Michael Mlekoday, and J. Allyn Rosser
36.1, featuring work by Chidelia Edochie, Eduardo C. Corral, and Traci Brimhall
35.1, featuring work by Alexander Lumans, C.J. Sage, and Martha Collins
34.2, featuring work by Nance van Winckel, Hailey Leithauser, and Carl Phillips
33.2, featuring work by Melissa Kwasny, Seth Abramson, and Erika Meitner
33.1, featuring work by Bob Hicok, Paisley Rekdal, and Sydney Lea
32.2, featuring work by Stephen Burt, Peter Campion, and Chad Davidson
32.1, featuring work by Laura Kasischke, Jericho Brown, and Julianne Buchsbaum
31.2, featuring work by Richard Powers, Linda Bierds, and Brenda Hillman
31.1, featuring work by Alison Stine, Sarah Vap, and Katie Ford

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