40.1 Winter 2016

Our current issue features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork from: Aaron Apps Julie Hensley Catherine Pond Kevin Prufer Boryana Rusenova-Ina Mary Ann Samyn and many more.


Selections from “gazer,” “outlook,” and “together”

Boryana Rusenova-Ina



Strange Museum

Julie Hensley



Piano Wire

Aaron Apps



Mila Natasha Mendez
Nathan Blansett


Nathan Blansett

Excerpt from Voyager One’s Private Correspondence with Carl Sagan

Jessica Rae Bergamino

Ode to Ankle Weights

Joshua Bennett

Token Sings the Blues

Joshua Bennett

On the Failure of Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Jessica Hudgins

Driving to Speculator

Catherine Pond

Riding the Invisible Horse

Catherine Pond

Such As It Is

Mary Ann Samyn

If This, Then That

Mary Ann Samyn


Keith Woodruff

One Slaughter

Sophie Klahr


Andrew Payton

Museum Fear

Alicia Mountain

Deadbolt Door Syndrome

Alicia Mountain

Plural of They, Plural of Mine

Alicia Mountain

The Brigadier and the Golf Widow

Ryan Black

Razor Bumps

Mckendy Fils-Aime

Ways We Are Taught

Meriwether Clarke


Michael David Madonick

The New “Let’s Make a Deal”

Jennifer L. Knox

The Killers

Jennifer L. Knox

Holding My Head in Both My Hands

Christopher Citro

We Were Doing Fine and Then We Disappeared Peacefully

Christopher Citro

The Mermaid Frame

Sarah Sloat

Near the Little Spanish Prison

Sarah Sloat

Experiments in Abandonment

Brandon Rushton

Imitate Inanimate

Brandon Rushton

Thanks, But No Thanks, Julia Roberts

Steven Crimaldi

My Mother’s Computer

Max McDonough

Three Metaphors for the Mind at War

Kevin Prufer

Another Love Poem

Kevin Prufer

Deep Sea Pod

Kevin Prufer

My Heart Like a Needle Ever True Turns to the Maid of Ebon Hue

Anaïs Duplan

Vision of Town with St. Paul and My Grief Appearing

J. Scott Brownlee

Seuss on Subway

John Colemam Bennett


Caylin Capra-Thomas


Caylin Capra-Thomas



Interview with Stuart Dybek

David E. Yee



Review of Fox Teeth Heart by John McManus

Gwen Cullen