43.3 Summer 2019

Our current issue features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork from: Christina Harrington, Kristy Bowen, Sara Saab, Rob Shapiro, Ashia Ajani, Leslie Marie Aguilar, Jeff Musser, and many more.

This project was supported [in part] by the Ohio Arts Council, which receives support from the State of Ohio and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Art Feature


Jeff Musser



As We Rise from the River

Christina Harrington

The Familiar

Ryan Reed



The Hunger Palace

Kristy Bowen



Love Poem for the way Objects Breathe in Summer

Sara Saab

Yellow House

Alfredo Aguilar

Sunlit and Forever

Rob Shapiro

Psalm for the West

Rob Shapiro

Gods of August (1972)

M.K. Foster

water study / 6

Emily Jern-Miller

Old News

Pamela Alexander


Pamela Alexander

Don’t You Know A Dead Lizard Is Bad Luck

Ashia Ajani


Samiah Haque

Corner Store

Taylor Byas

Pantoum for Black Boys

Taylor Byas

Winter Count

Molly Sutton Kiefer

A Pan Is

Molly Sutton Kiefer

Bugs and Blueberries

Alejandro Lemus-Gomez


Alison Prine

All the Small Fires

Patrick Dundon

The Warmth of Toilet Seats in Public Restrooms

Andrew Hemmert

I Call to the Year

Ronda Piszk Broatch

God’s Eye

Michael Dhyne


Elspeth Jensen

Always Moving

Elspeth Jensen


Jessica Lee

Autumn in the East

Jami Macarty

Mackenzie, 36

Alicia Mountain

I Think You Almost Admitted You Loved Me

l. reeman

The Good Luck Spiritual

Rick Bursky

On Silence

Leslie Marie Aguilar

Convalescence as Blooming Landscape

Leslie Marie Aguilar


Jenna Le

I Said Screen Time is Over in One More Minute

Josette Akresh-Gonzales


Anthony Sutton

Garden Animals

Anthony Sutton


Leigh Sugar

Nilas is an Ice Crust Newly Formed on the Sea

Emily Jaeger

Lantern Tree

Anne Marie Champagne

No Song

Elizabeth Langemak



Sonnet as Ghost: An Interview with Chanda Feldman

Ryan Teitman


Notes on Contributors