37.3 Summer 2013

Our current issue features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork from: Brenda Hillman Erica Dawson Bruce Bond Zach Falcon Joan Marcus and many more.

A Prismatic World | Art by Jessi Clayton
Jessi Clayton
The One-Legged Army
Joy Wood
Blue Ticket
Zach Falcon
My Mess
Joan Marcus
The Pressing Question
David Welch
[It’s not that this secret is so great…]
Oleg Chukhontsev, translation by Danielle Jones
The Story as It Was Told to Me
Justin Boening
Mare Cognitum
Daniel Anderson
Nude Series VIII
Jessica Jacobs
After Miro’s Dutch Interior II
Alex Streiff
I Really Wouldn’t Know What to Say
Alex Streiff
Time Traveler [III]
Rebecca Lehmann
Time Traveler [II]
Rebecca Lehmann
Time Traveler [I]
Rebecca Lehmann
Stone Under Water
Víctor Jiménez, translation by Michael Shewmaker and Blanca Jenkins
No Fabliau for Love
Shireen Madon
What the Earth Says
Ephraim Scott Sommers
Thou Art Thou
Sasha West
In Captivity, Sita Contemplates Fidelity
Vandana Khanna
Public Pianist
Nicholas YB Wong
Old Wives’ Tale
Natalie Eilbert
I Had Grand Notions of the Pasture
Natalie Eilbert
Conversation with the Stone Wife
Natalie Eilbert
John of Patmos
Matthew Minicucci
Matthew Minicucci
Bruce Bond
Augur of Lights & Perfections
Brent House
Augur of Cants
Brent House
Radical Lads, Blisters & Glad Summers
Brenda Hillman
En Route to Bolinas, a Rose
Brenda Hillman
The Stream as Pure Ornament
Steve Barbaro
Excerpts from the Unabridg’d Historie of Rainfall
Jay Hopler
I Didn’t Have a Terrible Childhood
Brian Diamond
Choose your poison
Stacy Kidd
A Beat You Can’t Dance To
Danielle Shutt
Woman, 26, Remains Optimistic as Body Turns to Stone
Safiya Sinclair
Indiana Elegy
Jenny Browne
Nursing Home
Chloe Honum
Mother Goose Self-Help
K.A. Hays
If My Baby Girl Is White
Erica Dawson
Anzhelina Polonskaya, translation by Andrew Wachtel
But once in December
Anzhelina Polonskaya, translation by Andrew Wachtel
Slow News
John Estes
Gathering the Birds
Paisley Rekdal
Paisley Rekdal
Hiking to Goldbug Hot Springs, I Consider the Discovery of Lewis and Clark’s Shitter at Traveler’s Rest, Montana
Corrie Williamson
Bear Hunters at McAfee’s Knob
Corrie Williamson
Robust Meteors
René Char, translation by Nancy Naomi Carlson
René Char, translation by Nancy Naomi Carlson
Lodge No. 277, Albarene, VA
Angie Hogan
Review of Dirge for an Imaginary World by Matthew Buckley Smith
Ryan Wilson
Review of Westerly by Will Schutt
Katharine Johnsen
Review of The Era of Not Quite by Douglas Watson
Elizabeth Zaleski
Review of Double Agent by Michelle Chan Brown
Matt Sumpter
Review of Night of the Republic by Alan Shapiro
Matthew Buckley Smith