42.2 Spring 2018

Our current issue features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork from: Karl Lorenzen, Louise Mathias, Sarah Cedeño, Alicia Mountain, Annie Kantar, Nazli S. Pearl, James A.H. White, Kit Zauhar, and many more.

Selections from the Series Endangered Coral
Karl Lorenzen
A Lucky Man
Daniel Matthew Huppman
I Like It When You Call Me Sexy
Kit Zauhar
The Healer
Sarah Cedeño
How to Ignite
Julia Koets
Spy Mountain
Louise Mathias
Each day sweeter and sweeter
Aran Donovan
Art from Without: Closeness as a Nodal Manifestation
Knar Gavin
Book of Revelation
Jacob Sunderlin
Day Off / יום חופש
Leah Goldberg, translated by Annie Kantar
Amphib Fatigue
Alicia Mountain
Security Question
Lizzy Petersen
What the Eclipse Does to Animals
Jennie Malboeuf
Naming the Thing
Peter Mason
Deuteronomy 16:22 and the Monument Problem
Becka Mara McKay
tip top
Nazli S. Pearl
Hanakotoba: Issei, Nisei, Sansei
James White
Hello Panic My Old Friend
Louise Mathias
Emily Koehn
Miniature Horses
Emily Koehn
horror movie: bees
Patrick Kindig
City of Imaginary Numbers
Quinn Forlini
Louise Mathias
Over My Head
Annie Kantar
Review of Sky Country by Christine Kitano
Joy Grace Chen
Interview with Christine Kitano
Joy Grace Chen