37.1 Winter 2013

Our current issue features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork from: Emilia Phillips Marcus Wicker Leslie Parry Bob Hicok Suzanne Richardson Carl Phillips and many more.

The Blurred Line
Jason Borders
Not for Ghosts or Daffodils
Anne Valente
Old Pretty
Leslie Parry
Mike Petrik
Oh Niagara!
Suzanne Richardson
The Butterflies of Key West
Alex Streiff
Firebase Popham Beach, Maine
Mark Svenvold
Walk the Plank
Jen Edwards
Winter Inversion
Danielle Cadena Deulen
from Field Notes
Matthew Mahaney
Winter Before Winter
William Logan
Davis McCombs
Ozark Landscape
Davis McCombs
Knife, Fire, Map
Gregory Lawless
Gregory Lawless
from Future Skirt
Laura Kochman
Carl Phillips
Carl Phillips
Steller’s Jay
Linda Bierds
Nancy Carol Moody
Nancy Carol Moody
Portia Elan
Cursing the Darkness or What’s It to You
Susan Grimm
Corey Van Landingham
from His Penitentiary
John Fenlon Hogan
In Your Absence I Hear the Weather Grieve
Anhvu Buchanan
Landscape with Alchemist
Katharine Coles
[a single stroke of blue]
Eric Anderson
Immediate Family
Ravi Shankar
Denise Duhamel
The inside dope
Bob Hicok
Hope (testicular cancer)
Bob Hicok
For you alone
Bob Hicok
XI: from Liturgy of the Abandoned Voice
Enrique Barrero Rodríguez, translated by John Poch
Marcus Wicker
Creation Song in Which a Swift Wind Sucker Punches a Transformer
Marcus Wicker
Elizabeth Wade
After Visiting the Holocaust Memorial Museum
Paul Carroll
In vacuo, Universal Studios
Emilia Phillips
Review of Traffic with Macbeth by Larissa Szporluk
Trista Edwards
Review of Strategies Against Extinction by Michael Nye
Nick Ripatrazone
Review of Signs & Wonders by Charles Martin
Matthew Buckley Smith