39.1 Winter 2015

Our current issue features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork from: Dina Brodsky Franny Choi Akemi Johnson Nate Marshall and many more.

One More Shelter | Art by Dina Brodsky
Dina Brodsky
Sophia Wiltrout
We Girls
Jenn Scott
To The Unsayable World
Lisa McMurtray
Poem To The Concerned Future
Lisa McMurtray
What Would Please Us
Lisa McMurtray
from Genesis
C Dylan Bassett
Rajiv Mohabir
Matthew Moser Miller
Michelle Lin
French Seams
Cindy Veach
Exoskeletons, or the Secret Life of a Stargazer
Vincent Toro
Trial Transcript in the Third Person
Katherine Frain
Ruth Madievsky
If the body is a door
Ruth Madievsky
blowjob (sonnet)
Emma Winsor Wood
blowjob (sonnet)
Emma Winsor Wood
blowjob (sonnet)
Emma Winsor Wood
Essay on The Appearance of Ghosts
Cameron Awkward-Rich
Remembering My Father’s Accident
Annie Rudy
The Land of Motionless Childhood
Jennifer Moore
Are We There (We Are)
Jennifer Moore
Four-year-old Girl Found Alive with Her Dog in the Siberian Wasteland
Frannie Lindsay
Gathering Firewood on Tinpan
Alex Streiff
Susannah Nevison
Aerial View
Lesley Wheeler
man from Altamura
Alex Streiff
The City
Michael Bazzett
1st love song to the black girl at smart camp
Nate Marshall
Alex Streiff
Jeanann Verlee
Holy Girl Confronts the Supermoon
Caroline Crew
We Burn The Bull
William Brewer
Ballad in Want of an Outlaw
Sarah Crossland
Mai Der Vang
Bedtime Story
Franny Choi
Everyone Knows That Line About Ogres and Onions, but Nobody Asks the Beast Why Undressing Makes Her Cry
Franny Choi
Review of August Kleinzahler’s The Hotel Oneira
M.K. Sukach
Review of The Small Blades Hurt by Erica Dawson
M.P. Jones IV
Review of Daylight Savings by Robert Gray
Mikko Harvey
Interview with Kyle McCord
Mikko Harvey