Julia Anna Morrison


The winter moon turns on again. I want to lick
ice off the windowpanes.

I haven’t left the house today. On this bed
I will become a mother, a cannibal in a wet bra,

eating my placenta like a sugar cube.

Soon my stomachs will empty their baskets of
stars on the ceiling. How hungry will I get.

Every flutter I only imagined, the baby
an angel going back to being an angel—born
from the defrosted sea in a bright blue coat.

Julia Anna Morrison is a poet from Alpharetta, Georgia. She has an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. In 2014, Julia was a Nightboat Books Poetry Prize finalist and a Yaddo Residency Fellow. You can find more of her work in Handsome, LARB Quarterly Journal or at juliaannamorrison.com.