Victoria McArtor


!50!!3!!5!time told a story
about tadpoles being mermaids

!50!!3!!5!who reabsorb their tails
and fashion themselves

!50!!3!!5!new skin
!50!!3!!5!to graph over old scales

like the sun that will hammer skin off
a glittering surface

like the moonbeam that will wash off
!50!!3!!5!the silk of morning

time is spinning a wire rack
!50!!3!!5!of postcards

with art of salamanders and toads

!50!!3!!5!as if it could explain
the difference a year makes

how time and I have grown together
!50!!3!!5!and why you can’t tell us apart

Victoria McArtor holds an MFA from Oklahoma State University, works for a residential mortgage team, and serves on the board of directors for Camp Fire, a nonprofit youth organization focused on building leadership skills and social responsibility. Her book, Reverse Selfie, is coming soon.