38.1 Winter 2014

Our current issue features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork from: Lia Silver Rebecca James Safiya Sinclair G.C. Waldrep Lina Tharsing and many more.

Art Feature

Making A New Forest | Art by Lina Tharsing

Lina Tharsing



Study Hall
Christine Sneed
Someone Amongst Us
Peter Stenson
She Threw Herself
Lia Silver
Are You a Good Girl or a Bad Girl?
Wendy Oleson
The Story
Rebecca James


Self-Portrait As Seen Through Kaleidoscope
Nick Narbutas
The Poet Says Her Vows
Gabriella R. Tallmadge
Two Endings
Christopher Howell
Don’t Think Nature Can’t
Rosalie Moffett
Self-Portrait As Seen Through Kaleidoscope
Nick Narbutas
from Testament
G.C. Waldrep
The Hollow Made by Her Open Fist
Jamaal May
Ontology of the Doe
Marty Cain
Oil Spill Baby
Darcie Dennigan
The Temptress Replies to Poetry With Her Mouth Full of
Carol Berg
Ballad of the Painted Sisters
Cori A. Winrock
Petrichor as Embalming Elegy
Cori A. Winrock
[Went Weeping, Little Bones]
Cori A. Winrock
Bridal Pyre
Cori A. Winrock
[I hold him in my mouth]
Caleb Washburn
Prayer (Rinsed)
Carrie Fountain
Tarfia Faizullah
Sex or Sleep or Silk
Tarfia Faizullah
Hieu Minh Nguyen
Hieu Minh Nguyen
Joseph O. Legaspi
Elegy for Seventeen
Michelle Chan Brown
Arrogance, In Miniature
Michelle Chan Brown
Branch Line
Nina Puro
Endless Love
Kim Addonizio
William Logan
Manet’s Pears
William Logan
Straw Man
Amy L. Woolard
Moon Child
Lisa Hiton
To my unborn child
Alex Chertok
Eric Smith
Sky Valley Rider
Eric Smith
’Tis of Thee
Jennifer Perrine
Rest on the Flight into Egypt
Mark Jarman
Days of 1999
Ange Mlinko
Ange Mlinko
Under the Weather
Dexter Booth
Maggie Smith
Maggie Smith
In Which the Bride Bans Consumption of All Fruit, Especially Apples
Jaclyn Dwyer
Safiya Sinclair


Review of You Are Not Dead by Wendy Xu
Raena Shirali
Review of Reading Emily Dickinson in Icelandic by Eva Heisler
Lauren Krouse