Sarah E. Kruse

Potrero del Sol

for Muriel Rukeyser

They ask us why we’ve come,

what is your intention?

Drop down

into consciousness’


             mind’s buoyant

                luminous envelope  

rose        petal


hot worker’s day sun

        lulled by hummingbird


At the bottom of the well



at the end

        of mirrors,


Desire roots all pain

in expectation,

        terrestrial tether

        instead of what


                        honey bees

in dandelion, fountain

        become planter

                        growing such

                tall grass

clover flower’s

        chaining crown

while someone hands me

a paper cup

filled with an offering.

Still the noise,


roar on—

quiet mind chatter,

and social


Sometimes an afternoon is mending,

        a step away from them—

human engines

of capitalism,

historic gears

of patriarchy—

here in the park

under the pines

of Potrero del Sol

remembering         slow

honey necessity.

Sometimes a morning spent

        reflecting on architecture

and found music

is mending,

sometimes love is

stronger than hate,


love walks away


sometimes love

is         the fabric

and the thread.

Sarah E. Kruse is an Associate Editor at Barrow Street Press. She received her MFA in poetry in 2022 from the University of San Francisco under the direction of D. A. Powell, and a doctorate from the University of Rhode Island in 2016. Her work has appeared in Hotel Amerika, Shining Rock Poetry Review, Assay: a Journal of Nonfiction Studies, The International Journal of Žižek Studies, and others. She lives in San Francisco.