41.2 Spring 2017

In this issue: Poems by Xandria Phillips, Keith Kopka, Kathleen Ossip, Laura Kasischke, Hadara Bar-Nadav and more. Fiction by Maria McLeod, Nonfiction by Jacqueline Lyons.

Sarah J. Sloat
Susan Soloman
Maria McLeod
Too Silver for a Seam
Jacqueline Lyons
Faded Snapshot
Laura Kasischke
The Whole Point
Laura Kasischke
Becoming More Alive
Lesle Lewis
Two Whistles and a Biscuit
Lesle Lewis
Where is Henry?
Lesle Lewis
Beached Shark as a Slave Ship Run Aground
Xandria Phillips
Beached Shark as a Blues Poem
Xandria Phillips
Sonnet XXII: Mimi’s Newsstand
Dorothy Chan
Lauren Michele Jackson
Near The Sheep Gate
Jacques Rancourt
Numb Ode(s)
Hadara Bar-Nadav
I Describe My Selves
Su Cho
Snow Song
Kathleen Ossip
From the Sixth Floor
Kathleen Ossip
At the Haunted Doll Market
Keith Kopka
Elegy in Snow with Revolver and Busted Teeth
Colby Cotton
Winters in Queens
Su Cho
Golden Gate Park
Jacques Rancourt
Modern Day Trout
D.A. Lockhart
Merope, After
Caitlin Neely
Brian Sneeden
Review of Revulsion: Thomas Bernhard in San Salvador by Horacio Castellanos Moya
Tyler Sones
Review of Phrasis by Wendy Xu
Jake Bauer