41.3 Summer 2017

Our current issue features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork from: Chen Chen, Chet'la Sebree, Dean Young, Noelle Kocot, Anthony Moll, Rosa Hiraya Pangilinan, Henry Hu, and many more.


Selections from the series Walks of Life and Where the Rainbow Ends

Henry Hu


An Ant

Lydia Davis

The Symmetry of Loss

Rosa Hiraya Pangilinan


Wrong as Two Boys, Part II

Anthony Moll


Summer Fever Dream

David Kutz-Marks

Beefeater Gin

David Kutz-Marks

When We Lived in Germany

Marianne Chan


Nhu Xuân Nguyễn


Janice Harrington

Anecdote of an Ex

Randall Mann

A La Negresse

Chet’la Sebree

North & South Twin Lakes

Chet’la Sebree

Two Friends

Dean Young

White Fur Rug

Ashley Yang-Thompson

White Pogo Stick

Ashley Yang-Thompson

White Windows

Ashley Yang Thompson

Doctor’s Note

Chen Chen

The School of Red

Chen Chen

it’s a boy

Sean Mulroy

Magic Lantern

Rushi Vyas

Last Fall

Rebecca Bornstein

The Ecstatic Limit of Thou Art That

Meghan Dahn

Green and Golden

Lynn Melnick

Landscape with Greyhound and Greasewood

Lynn Melnick

Because I Have, So Much To Think About I Can Hardly Ever Slow Down

Rebecca Macijeski

Because of Nesting and Hives and How Much I Want to Keep Collecting

Rebecca Macijeski


Noelle Kocot


Noelle Kocot

Which Lie to Believe

Rachel Mindell


Rachel Mindell


Melissa Studdard

Starman Tractate #1: Looking for Your Ass

Elizabeth Knapp

Starman Tractate #2: Homo Superior

Elizabeth Knapp

Simulating Colorlessness

Heikki Huotari

Undertaking to Align

Heikki Huotari

Zbigniew Herbert’s Visit to Los Angeles, 1971

Katie Farris

What Are You Working On

Noah Eli Gordon

Here’s the Thing

Noah Eli Gordon

Collective Biography: Children’s Memorial Hospital

Rachel Litchman

The Speaker Arrays Herself

Erin Lynch

[night when the city flares up]

Victoria Hsu

[you are a rough thing and I loved to kiss your forehead]

Victoria Hsu

Haiku for John Berryman

Ariel Francisco

Reading Hart Crane in Naples

Ariel Francisco

Sleeping in the Shower

Ariel Francisco

From Insecurity System

Sara Wainscott



Review of Pain Woman Takes Your Keys, and Other Essays from a Nervous System by Sonya Huber

Cade Leebron

Notes on Contributors