Sandra Marchetti


Listen to Sandra Marchetti read her piece:

Sweat rains
over a river—
I end in you,
delight in our

we rub our eyes until
we’ve made owls
of each other:
under the lurching
fur of eyebrows,
the blue and green
of our sight glows,
flicks out and open.

I pull my body,
an alabaster mask,
and push—your fingers
like pale spires
against me.

Here in the night of it,
an hour where dark weaves
between the trees’ trunks,
the black hooves
of the earth,

we release names.
We become studies
in ardent identity,
lasting until you
sleep to sense.

I am ethereal against you.
I come into the curve,
I lay down the other—
light uncurls from foreign hands.

Sandra Marchetti completed her MFA in Poetry at George Mason University in 2010. She was named the winner of The Midwest Writing Center’s 2011 Mississippi Valley Chapbook Contest for The Canopy. Sandra was a finalist in Gulf Coast’s 2011 Poetry Prize and Phoebe’s 2009 Greg Grummer Poetry Contest. Her work has appeared in Phoebe, Spiral Orb, and PIF Magazine. Sandra is an assistant poetry editor at Fifth Wednesday Journal and has poems forthcoming from dirtcakes and The River Oak Review.
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