Felicia Zamora

All Things Prime Gather

The pause sits low in the throat, the utterance
{if we speak in tongues, blessings
if they be our own}—muffles—through cheek,
island, atmosphere: all things prime gather:

what wind what swallow cannot smother {an eruption
& we are all Haitian & lovely & tired
of lenses in our faces}: song {an image
of a song: scrap metal & paint—a museum of

a mausoleum} repeats in the gaps
where left as gaps
form a cradle {for the infant’s
one body of 350 infant bones, quavering}

a tomb {206 adult bones in each
count them: 30,000 adult bodies
boiled up—shush
the dead. Pray here

family found in a plural voice—ripples
inside an earth, wrench ocean open}.

Felicia Zamora’s publications are found or forthcoming in A Cappella Zoo, Rio Grande Review, The Normal School, Weave Magazine, and others. Her chapbook Moby-Dick Made Me Do It released in 2011 from Flat Cap Publishing. She graduates with her MFA in Creative Writing from Colorado State University in spring 2012 .
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