36.3 Summer 2012

Our current issue features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork from: Jennifer Parks Jane Wong Scott Provence J. Allyn Rosser Sara Gelston and many more.

The Wind to My Sails
Jennifer Parks
The Ridiculous Future
Ian Stansel
The True Story of the Romanian Dog Boy
Christopher Mohar
A Guide to Anti-Taxidermy
Scott Provence
What Is the Shape
Liz Scheid
Diane LeBlanc
Cooking with Emma Bovary
Marcela Sulak
Charlie Clark
Blood’s Junior Prom
Kirk Pinho
When I Was Born
Kirk Pinho
Microwave Beetle
Jane Wong
Jane Wong
The Good Work
Jane Wong
Morning in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
John Drury
John Drury
Richard Lyons
Richard Lyons
Graham Hillard
Night Call
Anne Barngrover
Derek Gromadzki
On the Fells
Derek Gromadzki
Bailey’s Prairie
Jessica Comola
The Necropolitan Railway
Colleen Abel
After You Buried the Danger
Ryo Yamaguchi
Ryo Yamaguchi
Ryo Yamaguchi
Elegy for Milk
Brandon Courtney
Michael Martin Shea
Conflating the Wrecks
Lisa Fay Coutley
The Four Biographies of Linda Lovelace
Christopher Lirette
Burned Girl
Kara Van De Graaf
The Ruins
Angela EJ Koh
Christopher Howell
Christopher Howell
The Aftermath (2)
Catherine Pierce
The Dog Greets the Tornado
Catherine Pierce
Ghazal for Consolation
Kathleen McGookey
The Barracuda’s Demesne
Kyle Churney
Kyle Churney
Michael Mlekoday
Beeline Eclogue
J. Allyn Rosser
Last Two Speakers of a Dying Language Refuse to Talk to Each Other
Amorak Huey
How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Opportunity
Amorak Huey
To Capture Flights of Birds
Linda Taylor
Birds Keep Nothing in Their Bones
Nancy Reddy
Family Portrait with Rosary and Steak Knife
Nancy Reddy
All Good Girls Deserve
Nancy Reddy
Gramps Stayed Drunk on Jazz
Christian Anton Gerard
Sara Gelston
Necrology from My Forebears
Carolyn Hembree
sonnet 1810 [time to turn another shade]
Adam Walsh
sonnet 1410 [niƱo americano]
Adam Walsh
Robert Murdock
Learning to Drown
Robert Murdock
Review of The Captain Asks for a Show of Hands by Nick Flynn
Danielle Sellers
Review of At the Mouth of the River of Bees by Kij Johnson
Cate Fricke
Review of White Papers by Martha Collins
Valerie Duff-Strautmann