43.4 Fall 2019

Art Feature

Asemic Texts

Federico Federici


Sentimental Cartography

Laura O’Gorman Schwartz

The Lovelorn

Gianna Ward-Vetrano


The Body Remembers

Emily O’Neill

Dear Sears

Guy Choate



Saddiq Dzukogi

Bad Lover

Billy-Ray Belcourt

Dangerous Things

Krysten Hill

That Which We Hide

J. David

Lamb’s Machinery

Augusta Funk

abandoned image

Mackenzie Kozak


Keith Leonard

Red Nail

Keith Leonard


Mercedes Lawry

Aubade and Promise

Clare Collins Hogan


Anxieties: Strangler Fig

Anthony Borruso

First Poem for You

Stefania Gomez

I am throwing a party for one

Stefania Gomez

Chronology with Little Deaths

Aldo Amparán

[ white fur ]

April Goldman-Sims

Two Summers, A Prayer to Saint Luke

Thomas Renjilian

After Marriage

Victoria Ritvo


Review of Mistress by Chet’la Sebree

Kortney Morrow

Review of Burn It Down: Women Writing About Anger by Lilly Dancyger

Lizzie Lawson

Notes on Contributors