The Blurred Line

Art as a means of escape into the existence of the self, the non-existence. Art as enhanced raw mediums. Art as repetition and balance by a mind that dives deep into the subconscious.

Succubi and Sword

Succubi and Sword, 36 in. x 48 in., acrylic, nail polish, collage

Bull #2

Bull #2, 14 in. x 24 in., bone, .22lr (carved via dremel)


Skullfish, 24 in. x 10 in., ink

I approach varied mediums with one method in which repetition, balance, and unity enact creation and development. Characters inform one another to create greater forms, patterns, and evolve as a whole. Although I often use characters repeatedly, they fluctuate in style, motif, meaning, and execution. Through personal subliminal exploration, my work reveals the blurred line between imagination and reality, animal and human, life and death.


Temple, 48 in. x 36 in., acrylic, nail polish, collage


Breath, 72 in. x 34 in., acrylic, nail polish, collage

Samo Lives Exhibition - Our Lady

Samo Lives Exhibition - Our Lady, 10 ft. x 8 ft., acrylic, collage


Red/White, 60 in. x 84 in., acrylic


Jason Borders is a Columbus College of Art & Design graduate and fine artist. He is from Lexington, Kentucky, and has been living in Portland, Oregon, for about three years with his wife, Elizabeth, and his dog, Eleanor. He loves glitter, bones, spraypaint, music, dremels, driving, nail polish, guns, and surf guitars.

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