29.1 Spring/Summer 2005

In the Open
Christopher Davis
John Freeman
Brother of Leaving
John Freeman
My Oldest Memories Are Older Than Myself
Ethan Gilsdorf
Yes, All of It
William Jolliff
Because We Roll with Our Bones and Tears in Dialect
Susan McCabe
They Shed Their Antlers One at a Time
Sarah Manguso
Filia Luminis
Frank Paino
Simon Perchik
Cartographer of the Most Serene Republic
Carol Potter
Fort Whatever It Takes
Carol Potter
Among the Bedlamites
Nance Van Winckel
Blue Valley Reservoir
Nance Van Winckel
Michael White
The Fires
Philip White
It’s a luxury to worry…
Gary Young
Review of Swirl by Susan McCabe
Karina Elena Byrne
Review of To the Green Man By Mark Jarman
Jason Gray
Horrors of Order: A Response to As Easy as Lying
Mark Irwin