37.4 Autumn 2013

Our current issue features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork from: Anna Marie Hodge Daniel Hornsby Craig Reinbold Caki Wilkinson Michael Schmeltzer and many more.

Through A Plastic Lens | Photos by Charlie Wagers
Charlie Wagers
History Lessons
Kate Crosby
The Gargantuans
Daniel Hornsby
Fill the Bathtub
Craig Reinbold
Iceland’s Bride
Meg Thompson
Cate Lycurgus
Self-Indictment, with Arrhythmia
Cate Lycurgus
Asphyxiation: Aubade
John R. Beardsley
Rust in the Debt of the Living
Marcelo H. Castillo
Cedar Key, January
Eric Smith
J.P. Grasser
New Year’s Eve, Key West
Anna Claire Hodge
A City by the Sea (אַ שטאָט ביים ים)
Anna Margolin, translation by Maia Evrona
She Struck the Earth with Her Spear
Dolan Morgan
Personal Ad #4 (Once I Lost Sleep the World Made Sense)
Michael Schmeltzer
Slow Fade
Caki Wilkinson
This Is the Town Wynona Built
Caki Wilkinson
Elisa Karbin
Plague Doctor
Elisa Karbin
Greg Wrenn
Review of Woman Without Umbrella by Victoria Redel
Scott Hightower
Review of Revenge: Eleven Dark Tales by Yoko Ogawa; translated by Stephen Snyder
Rebecca Turkewitz
Review of A Concordance of Leaves by Philip Metres
Greg Weiss