37.1 Winter 2013

The Butterflies of Key WestDonald Platt

Firebase Popham Beach, MaineMark Svenvold

Walk the PlankJen Edwards

Winter InversionDanielle Cadena Deulen

from Field NotesMatthew Mahaney

Winter Before WinterWilliam Logan

TrespassDavis McCombs

Ozark LandscapeDavis McCombs

Knife, Fire, MapGregory Lawless

ForeclosureGregory Lawless

from Future SkirtLaura Kochman

RockabyeCarl Phillips

MoraliaCarl Phillips

Steller’s JayLinda Bierds

EcholocationNancy Carol Moody

NamingNancy Carol Moody

SemanticsPortia Elan

Cursing the Darkness or What’s It to YouSusan Grimm

AntidoteCorey Van Landingham

from His PenitentiaryJohn Fenlon Hogan

In Your Absence I Hear the Weather GrieveAnhvu Buchanan

Landscape with AlchemistKatharine Coles

[a single stroke of blue]Eric Anderson

Immediate FamilyRavi Shankar

OuroborosDenise Duhamel

The inside dopeBob Hicok

Hope (testicular cancer)Bob Hicok

For you aloneBob Hicok

XI: from Liturgy of the Abandoned VoiceEnrique Barrero Rodríguez, translated by John Poch

ShibbolethMarcus Wicker

Creation Song in Which a Swift Wind Sucker Punches a TransformerMarcus Wicker

Review of Traffic with Macbeth by Larissa SzporlukTrista Edwards

FractureElizabeth Wade

Review of Strategies Against Extinction by Michael NyeNick Ripatrazone

Not for Ghosts or DaffodilsAnne Valente

After Visiting the Holocaust Memorial MuseumPaul Carroll

Review of Signs & Wonders by Charles MartinMatthew Buckley Smith

Old PrettyLeslie Parry

The Blurred LineJason Borders

Oh Niagara!Suzanne Richardson

In vacuo, Universal StudiosEmilia Phillips

FirebreakMike Petrik

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