39.4 Fall 2015

This issue features art by Virginia Mallon, a review of Mat Johnson's new novel, fiction by Rick Canning, CNF by Katie Moulton and poetry by Gabrielle Bates, Cortney Lamar Charleston, Kristina Marie Darling, Cara Dees, John Dudek, John Gallaher, Chelsea Harris, Michael Marberry, Victoria McArtor, Tara Mae Mulroy, Jennifer Perrine, Jim Whiteside and Emily Jungmin Yoon.

Waiting for the Dark To Settle | Artwork by Virginia Mallon
Interview by Suzannah Showler
Then He Wished She Hadn’t
Rick Canning
After Midnight in Bloomington
Katie Moulton
The Chapter on Gardening
Kristina Marie Darling and John Gallaher
The Love Song of Bill Laimbeer
Michael Marberry
My Mother Becomes a Shadow Over Snow
Chelsey Harris
Tara Mae Mulroy
Tara Mae Mulroy
An Ordinary Misfortune
Emily Jungmin Yoon
Dear False Positive,
Jennifer Perrine
The Mound
Cara Dees
The Tortoise and The Bird
John Dudek
A History of Beauty
Kristina Marie Darling and John Gallaher
Cortney Lamar Charleston
Emily Jungmin Yoon
Victoria McArtor
The Hood
Cortney Lamar Charleston
The Animals We Are
Gabrielle Bates
Jim Whiteside
Untitled #342
Jim Whiteside
Review of Loving Day by Mat Johnson
Lauren C. Barret