Lynn Wang


I cut a man’s
throat and even
when he fell his hands
were cupped like
they were holding
bread you know
what I say I always
say to all of them
if you can run you
better run but he’s
a smart guy he
knew we would
just come another night
tie him up and
hit him more in
his gluey eye his
blue gut all
the same places
he probably thought
why bother with
all that I’m dead
anyway I’ve been
dead all along

and when I’m dreaming
he is dead all along and
it wasn’t me at all it wasn’t
any of my fault
tonight he is big as
a moonrise and he sings
you wouldn’t think
he could with his
cut throat but even
through the blood he
can really fucking sing
and man does he
have a beautiful
way about him

Lynn Wang is an MFA candidate at UC Irvine. She lives in Los Angeles with her dog.