Brett Shaw

southern gothic

& nothing at first / you think no / the tea

too sweet / the click of teeth in any aching

the azaleas’ archery in bloom / what

means do to lolling men / stay just so / as

if the air ain’t mete / with expectation

humming heavy we / say night might hang

silk / as psocid strandings / on wood limbs

as cotton is dogged / a carrying shut

door / whose future historifies in bone

china / gold-petaled moonlit magnolia

blooms linger / gloss slick gossamer webs

over every leaf / eyes shutter / steeped in

what tendrilled luxuries / their vinedarks seek

& nothing too sweet is / anymore

Brett Shaw writes and teaches in Alabama. Recent work appears or is forthcoming in Denver Quarterly, The London Magazine, The Journal, and elsewhere. His work has received support from the Community of Writers.