Brittany Perham

Double Portrait

You be Writer!50!!10!!10! I’ll be Wife
Call me Wifelet !50!!10!Wolflet
!100!!50!!10!!10!(Do you love me in a hairnet?)
The-only-she Smurfette
!100!!50!!10!!10!(Is it time for children yet?)
Baker!50!!25!Nametaker !10!!10!PrizeDinnerDate
!100!!50!!10!!10!(I’ve never once been late.)
Darling !100!!10!!5!Darlette
!100!!50!!10!!10!Baby, aren’t you wet yet?
!100!!50!!10!!10!(How would a blowup woman do?)
You’re the Writer!50!Here’s Your Wife

Brittany Perham is the author of The Curiosities (Free Verse Editions, 2012), and new work appears in Southwest Review, 32 Poems, and Colorado Review. She is a Jones Lecturer in Creative Writing at Stanford University, where she was a Wallace Stegner Fellow. She lives in San Francisco.