Kamden Hilliard


C. is attractive
bc it’s the only
noise to mean
ing make / tho
his beard leaves
me much ado
about nothing
or waiting 4
Godot or waiting
4 Hong Kong’s
v own gator-
ade / bc that heat
/ while
containing qualities /
of a memo / warnt
fuccing round /

C. & i werq 4
camp / like school
but kinder / we
try / we break into
immediate sweat
under this sun’s
fry– so dry– /
tht i’d lik to choke
on C’s saying
[generally, of ny

C. keeps saying
shit or clit i caint
evn tell y’all
which i’m root
ing 4 / well / my
skirt up / obvi /
so shit so i pick
the profane over
the pussy / bc it
aint fair /

D. / another co-
worker / likes me
bc i’m GAY but
not GAY gay /
which is a he / not
me / problem / till
a we / sprouts in
the spectacular

C. walks w me
like it’s no biggie
/ as if i’m not
choking on a lover’s
dischord / desire
feels me till fallow
/ almost like getting
picked last 4 a
pick up game / but
rather / no1 knowing
u want 2 play