Amy Schrader

A Proverb

Your byword to my nayword. Check
& mate, my shining knight. Marriage is more
than four legs in a bed. Bare & backed
by bone. I killed & BBQ’ed the boar,

another eats his flesh. Sweetest & sliced
near the marrow. Narrow hallway, narrow
mind. I’m out of mine & out of sight.
Out of words, which we let fly like arrows

raining down. Like cats & all. Despite
the fact you’re skinned & hung, you’re looking
like a King. I’m watching you. You despot;
you cloak your eyes & steal the cream.

So curiosity is killing us.
My dress is black & backless.

Amy Schrader is the author of The Situation & What Crosses It (MoonPath Press, 2014) and The Plagiarist (Finishing Line Press, 2017). Her poems can be found in Bone Bouquet, Rattle, Unsplendid, DIAGRAM, and elsewhere.