Christina Veladota

The Threshold of Can We Do This Now

Listen to Christina Veladota read her piece:

Today we will Ferris wheel. We will Tilt-A-Whirl. We will long lines patiently before
the Zero-Gravity of panic. We will Zero-Gravity. We will candy apples, cotton candy.
Funnel Cakes. We will balloons popping, balloons floating to their escape. We will real
& painted ponies. We will shouts to win tchotchkes for your women. We will Tunnel of
Love & believe we haunted house. We will sometimes hands to our mouths. We will
band of teenagers & lights at evening in a small city within a small city for a flash at
summer’s end. We will not mystic our future until its inventor palms our cash.

Christina Veladota's poetry has been published in such literary journals as Ascent, Lake Effect, The Laurel Review, and Mid-American Review, where she is also a frequent contributor of book reviews. Two of her prose poems currently appear in the Bellingham Review's first online edition (Fall 2011). She is an assistant professor of English at Washington State Community College, in Marietta, OH.