29.2 Autumn/Winter 2005

Smoke and Mirrors
Marly Swick
Jennie Berner
Lincoln Park
Mary Grimm
When the River Lay Quiet with Snow
Shelley Washburn
A Short History of My Breath
Kristin Kovacik
Fog Dog
Geeta Kothari
Visitation Rights
Sarah Dickerson
Why My Father Built This City
Jesse Lee Kercheval
Aubade, West of Paris (spring)
Neil Shepard
Parenthetical Quake
Fritz Ward
The Planets
Alex Streiff
Sitting Room With Wings
Hadara Bar-Nadav
It Was a Normal Day Except I Fell
Julie Sheehan
Review of Steven Cramer’s Goodbye to the Orchard
Janet Pocorobba
Review of Neil Azevedo’s Ocean
Jason Gray
Review of Peter Covino’s Cut Off the Ears of Winter
Catherine Pierce
Review of Mary Ann Samyn’s Purr
Mary Ann Samyn
Review of Stephen Haven’s The long Silence of the Mohawk Carpet Smokestacks
James Mendelsohn