36.4 Autumn 2012
36.4 Cover Image

Our current issue features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork from: Jon Stommel Keetje Kuipers Zach Falcon Todd Davis Laura Kasischke and many more.

It’s All Waiting to Be Engaged: An Interview with Jon Stommel
Jon Stommel
The Times of Danil Garland
Zach Falcon
Antonio Elefano
Alex Streiff
Turnview Estates
Samuel Gray
Alex Streiff
Jennifer Luebbers
Al Rabyeh
Siwar Masannat
Searching the April Ditches
Laura Kasischke
Laura Kasischke
The Calciferous Substance Speaks to the Sleeping Fetus
Cynthia Marie Hoffman
Chaos Theory and Practice
Lesa Williams
Zombie Love
Casey Thayer
Justin Runge
The Arbor
Justin Runge
autumn (otoño)
Sara Uribe, translation by Toshiya Kamei
Joshua Gottlieb-Miller
Museum Dream: Fox Fires on New Year’s Eve at the Garment Nettle Tree at Oji
Jen Jabaily-Blackburn
Just Outside
Keetje Kuipers
In Medias Res
Keetje Kuipers
A Left-Branching Language
Judy Halebsky
Valerie Wetlaufer
Fishing for Large Mouth in a Strip-Mining Reclamation Pond near Lloydsville, Pennsylvania
Todd Davis
Hannah Tomlets, translation by Harry Leeds and John Westbrook
Review of Hitless Wonder by Joe Oestreich
Brett Armes
Review of The Firestorm by Zach Savich
Tim Payne
Review of Answering the Ruins by Gregory Fraser
Sarah Karpovich
Review of Divine Margins by Peter Cooley
Alex Streiff
Review of What’s This, Bombardier? by Ryan Flaherty
MacKenzie Regier
Review of The San Simeon Zebras by C.J. Sage
Angela Vogel
Review of The Cosmic Purr by Aaron Poochigian
Matthew Buckley Smith
Interview with Lia Purpura
Kathleen Blackburn
Interview with Antonio Elefano
J. Preston Witt
Interview with Zach Falcon
Brett Beach
Interview with Amy Bernhard
Silas Hansen