Our current issue features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork from: Sarah Ghazal Ali, Philip Metres, Su Hwang, Ruth Joffre, Kelly Sundberg, Anna Hultin, and many more.

Art Feature

Selections from “On the Land”

Anna Hultin



Vishwas R. Gaitonde

A Girl with No Name

Ruth Joffre

Short Story with Poppy Fields

John Milas

Another Form of Idleness

Tara Isabel Zambrano



Wren Hanks


Kelly Sundberg

Sisterhood of Suffering

Taylor Thomas

A Shot

Jake Zawlacki



Leslie Marie Aguilar

Self-Portrait as Epiphany


Sarah Ghazal Ali

Self-Portrait as the Undiscovered Remains of Norma Bates

Jerilynn Aquino

Shifting Baseline Syndrome

Christine Barkley

love poem for the middle of love

Diana Cao

A Month Without Music

B Rivka Clifton

when avoiding pain remember

ethan s. evans

When I Imagine the Face of My Lord, I See

William Fargason

cascade mausoleum

Asha Futterman

Queer Pastoral

Amanda Hawkins

A Museum Exhibition Asks, “Where are you most at home?”

Noor Hindi

Lens Flare

Natalie Homer

revel-ation iii

revel-ation ii

Su Hwang

Not Yet Bloom

Kevin Latimer

star dunes

Seth Leeper

In This Startling November Sunlight

Julia B. Levine

Cold Thief Place

Esther Lin

Under the Crape Myrtle

Anni Liu


Susie Meserve

Qasida for Abdel Wahab Yousif

Philip Metres

We Eyed Them With Envy

Rooja Mohassessy


Sarah Fawn Montgomery

Aubade with Cow Tongue and Wisteria

Jane Morton

Sorry I Couldn’t Call, I’ve Been Busy

As Though it Were a Small Child

Prayer for the Things We Couldn’t Say

Cynthia Dewi Oka

Catalogue of Childhood Keepsakes

Derek N. Otsuji

Loyal Witness

Nome Emeka Patrick

Broken in Eight Pieces

Jemma Leigh Roe

For My Father in Left Field

Self-Portrait Born of Eve & Asteria

T. Dallas Saylor


Naomi Shuyama-Gómez

Velvet Pilgrim

C.J. Wackerman

Every Song a Different Bruise

Dare Williams


The Alley

Fatemeh Shams (trans. Armen Davoudian)

September in the Skin

Yanina Rosenberg (trans. Ezra E. Fitz)


Dimitri Psurtsev (trans. Philip Metres)


You Don’t Have to Go to Mars for Love by Yona Harvey

Arah Ko

Notes on Contributors