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Our current issue features fiction, poetry, and artwork from: Carmen Ostermann, Meghan Louise Wagner, MICHAEL CHANG, Quintin Collins, Delilah McCrea, and more.

Art Feature

Selections from ‘I am one of those animals’

Carmen Ostermann


The Barns

Pete Stevens


Meghan Louise Wagner

Child of Salt

Genevieve Abravanel

A Plan to Save Us All

Leyna Krow


On Lying

Red Water

Jeanette Beebe

(ע) :: Essay for The Bend beyond Which The Road

Daniel Biegelson




An Exodus of Sparks, pt. 1

Allisa Cherry

Thieves in the Night

What Remedies the World Will Supply

Quintin Collins

The Protest I

The Protest II

Adam Day

A Dream of Nightswimming

Spring Ran in Taughannock Gorge

Nathan Erwin

Self-Portrait as Sisyphus with Atmospheric River and New Love

Clare Flanagan

Anti-Elegy for Cheryl Araujo

Liz Harms

Present Tense

We are Rapidly Losing Daylight

K Janeschek


Rachel Kaufman

Potrero del Sol

Sarah E. Kruse

Do You Think God Is An Optimist

How To Get To Heaven

Delilah McCrea

Excerpts from stillcoast

Nicholas Molbert

The Cosmic Machine

Sebastián H. Páramo

After the Abortion Rights March in Knoxville, Tennessee

Anna Laura Reeve

A Study of the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site: Section 1 (Self-Report)

Directives On Line of Sight Clean, Otherwise Known as Dirty Closure

Laura Sweeney

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Matthew Tuckner

is it viable to date yourself?

[the die-off is]

Stella Wong

Alternative Deindustrial Domestic

Elegy: Field as Threshold

Brandon Young

Notes on Contributors