38.2 Spring 2014

Our current issue features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork from: Karin Gottshall Janine Joseph Michelle McGurk David Susman Sarah Skeen and many more.

Flowers: Selections From The Eye Closet | Photos by Sarah Skeen
Sarah Skeen
Step Nine
Michelle McGurk
The Salesmen Approach
Dustin M. Hoffman
David Susman
Holding Pattern
Joshua Unikel
Karin Gottshall
Letter to Mom (Unsent)
Ben Jackson
1970 Farmall 140
Lucilena Williams
The Tadpoles
Bruce Bond
The Dead Zoo
Bruce Bond
Heaven’s Gate
Bruce Bond
It Sails Off
Lauren Hilger
Shooting Range Silhouette In the Shape of a Love Letter
Fritz Ward
There and Back Ode
Matt Morton
Chelsea Wagenaar
Poem in Which Elephants Are Stupendous
Chelsea Wagenaar
Alex Streiff
Sam Sax
Yellow House Poem
Karin Gottshall
Unblemished, October’s Children: Interior
Corey Zeller
Radio Transitions: Interior
Corey Zeller
The Buildings Love Each Other: Interior
Corey Zeller
Five Sons
Rob MacDonald
About the Visas
Janine Joseph
Between Chou and the Butterfly
Janine Joseph
Review of Capital by John Lanchester
Sean Hooks
Review of Vow by Rebecca Hazelton
Paige Quiñones
Review of Mira Corpora by Jeff Jackson
Stuart Maxwell
Review of The Vicious Red Relic, Love by Anna Joy Springer
Janis Butler Holm