36.4 Autumn 2012

Review of Hitless Wonder by Joe OestreichBrett Armes

Review of The Firestorm by Zach SavichTim Payne

Review of Answering the Ruins by Gregory FraserSarah Karpovich

Review of Divine Margins by Peter CooleyAndrea Janelle Dickens

Review of What’s This, Bombardier? by Ryan FlahertyMacKenzie Regier

Review of The San Simeon Zebras by C.J. SageAngela Vogel

Interview with Lia PurpuraKathleen Blackburn

Interview with Antonio ElefanoJ. Preston Witt

Interview with Zach FalconBrett Beach

Interview with Amy BernhardSilas Hansen

DiscoveryAmy Bernhard

Review of The Cosmic Purr by Aaron PoochigianMatthew Buckley Smith

Turnview EstatesSamuel Gray

The Times of Danil GarlandZach Falcon

ItalyAntonio Elefano

It’s All Waiting to Be Engaged: An Interview with Jon StommelJon Stommel

36.4 Autumn 2012admin

LureAmy Eisner

RevisionJennifer Luebbers

Al RabyehSiwar Masannat

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