Andrew Wessels

Men & Women

Listen to Andrew Wessels read his piece:

Easier to talk about something else.
The span of one’s fingers and how that relates
to a wristwatch. The surprise turn that occurs
at the end of chapter fourteen. If a whale were really
that big. Techniques for creating a postpositional
(read: post-theological) effect using only two
commas. What it means to be funny. A hat
upside down on a desk. The deeper whiteness
of stars. The rate of ascension of a soul as directly
related to the gravitational pull of the physical
body. How we fear water. Ochre sunsets.
The ecological impact of recycling plastic
grocery bags. The precise temperature at which
the nipple becomes its hardest. Comparative prices
of imported wines. The health costs of falling
down the stairs without insurance. How clouds
resemble things but things do not resemble clouds.

Andrew Wessels has lived in Houston, Cambridge, and Las Vegas. Currently, he splits his time between Istanbul and Los Angeles. His poems can recently be found in or are forthcoming from VOLT, Washington Square Review, The Colorado Review, Grist, Handsome, Fact-Simile, and 580 Split. He is editor of The Offending Adam.
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