Sandra Marchetti


Listen to Sandra Marchetti read her piece:

Cracking eggs open—
click into bowl,

bowl into yolk,
eye into eye,

I told that oven story,
how I forgot to light it,

and then I finally lit up in it—
gas singeing…

then a swallowing

The fruit of my throat
constricted on the fruit

of the apple’s skin,
the curled red

non-viscous wrap;
I laughed

and threw my neck
over the sink.

Tried to take water—
to take your eyes on me—

the eggs in the bowl
already loosed, ‘peeled,’

the peel turning in me,
wet and covering.

I stopped,

and the red popped
out, chewed choke,

with champagne meat
still inside.

You turned, gave
me water;

I coughed
and spoke low—

“Fine, fine; don’t I

You glanced into
the eggs—

the glaze of the bowl,
the glaze

of viscous centers

“You finished cracking
them. You finished anyway.”

Nodding, I wanted you to
believe I was a miracle,

as I believe you are
a miracle.

Sandra Marchetti completed her MFA in Poetry at George Mason University in 2010. She was named the winner of The Midwest Writing Center’s 2011 Mississippi Valley Chapbook Contest for The Canopy. Sandra was a finalist in Gulf Coast’s 2011 Poetry Prize and Phoebe’s 2009 Greg Grummer Poetry Contest. Her work has appeared in Phoebe, Spiral Orb, and PIF Magazine. Sandra is an assistant poetry editor at Fifth Wednesday Journal and has poems forthcoming from dirtcakes and The River Oak Review.
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