Rita Mookerjee

Ode Wherein I Am Samus Aran

because who else can shoot sharp and pussy pop 
in an orange armored suit of power? Don’t answer.
It’s just me. See, I’m a Virgo and my way is harder
better faster stronger than yours. I’ve been out here
for decades bounty hunting solo intergalactic style.
My ship is paid for in gold, my gold, and the boots 
are bespoke. I’m not trying to fit in. Human DNA be 
damned. This was never a game to me and mortality 
is boring. I’m trying to cop some bags and maybe a little
vengeance while I’m at it because people never cease to
underestimate me. They are uneasy around girls whose 
faces you can’t quite make out under a mask. You know 
we are trouble. Still you doubt us all the same. If you turn
away for a minute, you won’t even see me charge my
morph ball and I don’t waste my power. This shit is 
sacred and you made it easy so I drop down into a split
and sweep you clean off your feet. Bet you didn’t see 
that coming. Bet you thought I was a cute little trick 
playing dress up coming over to ask you to buy me 
a drink. Instead I drag your sorry ass out to hog-tie 
and trade for coins. I’m the original cyborg woman 
and there are biomechanics between my legs more 
precious and intricate than a Fabergé egg. Humans,
pick up your jaws and keep it pushing. Maybe learn
a lesson here: the next time you see me coming, run.

Rita Mookerjee is an Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Worcester State University. She is the author of False Offering (JackLeg Press 2023). Her poems can be found in the Baltimore Review, Hobart Pulp, Lantern Review, New Orleans Review, and the Offing.